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ID: 03810-001279


QS 290

Serie Ocean Runner
Length over allm2,85
Inside dimensionscm
Bottom G
Construction material TG
Airtight compartsn.
Buoyancy tubes diametercm43
Planking CM
Recommended powerhp
Maximum powerhp10
European directive 94/25/CE D
Price (ex VAT)EUR2.040

Listino 2011.1 in vigore dal 01/10/2010 - Prezzo IVA inclusa

Importer: BRUNSWICK MARINE in Italia S.p.A.
Via Liguria, 20 - 20068 PESCHIERA BORROMEO (MI) - Telefono: 800 013695 - -

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2010/10/25 14:07 ( utente )

Updating performed directly by manufacturers or importers and checked by our editors. The price, if indicated, refers to the record date and may differ from the current price of the yacht

Bottom - V V-shaped, C catamaran, P flat, R rigid, G inflatable

Contruction material - AL alluminium, E epoxy, K kevlar, POL polyethylene, TG rubber-coated material, VTR fibreglass, VTRDS double fibreglass

Planking - AL anodised aluminium, CM marine plywood, L wood, LV painted wood, LVA anti-slip coated wood, MC composite material, POL polyethylene, TG rubber-coated material, VTR fibreglass, VTRA anti-slip fibreglass, VTRDS double fibreglass, VTRTG fibreglass and rubber-coated material

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