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ID: 02100-004929

Fiart Mare

50 Genius

Length over allm15,45
Bottom V
Construction material VTR
Passengers capacityn.14
Maximum speedknots
Engines type EB IPS TD
Engines number 2
Engines builder Volvo Penta
Engine unitary powerHP435
Fuel capacitylitres1300
Freshwater capacitylitres500
European directive 94/25/CE B
Price (ex VAT)EUR648.000

Via Lucullo, 61 - 80070 BAIA (NA) - Telefono: 081 8040023 - Fax: 081 8040043 - -

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Information updating
2009/10/16 15:41:04

Updating performed directly by manufacturers or importers and checked by our editors. The price, if indicated, refers to the record date and may differ from the current price of the yacht

Construction material - A steel, ABS abs, ACP advanced composite process, AL alluminium, AR aramat, B balsa, C carbon, CM marine plywood, D diolene, E epoxy, K kevlar, L wood, LAM laminated, LL light alloy, MC composite material, POL polyethylene, SAN sandwich, T termant, TT tecrothene, TG rubber, VTR fibreglass

Bottom - AG gullwing, C catamaran, CAT cathedral, D displacing, DS double hard chime, P flat, S hard chime, SD semidisplacing, SP semigliding, T round, TR trimaran, V deep V, VR reversed V

Engines type - EB inboard, EBB inboard petrol, EBD inboard diesel, EFB stern-drive, EFBB stern-drive petrol, EFBD stern-drive diesel, FB outboard, TD turbodiesel, DP duoprop, VD V drive

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