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All Fiart Mare shippyard's brand-new models available in the Yachting Catalogue by Nautica Magazine with, technical data, figures, features and prices of power boats, sailboats, inflatables and marine engines

Our sea trials and navigation tests

Fiart Mare

Brand new boats, used boats and navigation trials

Via Lucullo, 61 - 80070 BAIA (NA) - Telefono: 081 8040023 - Fax: 081 8040043 - -

Fiart Mare used boats
Search Nautica Yachtmarket for Fiart Mare used boats for sale, classified ads, sales offers from the main italian and international yacht brokers, shipyards and boating companies (archive updated 2889 days ago).

You may also search the Fiart Mare classified ad sales by private individuals and other companies extracted from the popular column published this month in Nautica Magazine.

Fiart Mare navigation trials
Read all our navigation trials on Fiart Mare models from the archive of boat sea trials and yacht navigation tests performed on thousands boats by Nautica Magazine in the latest 50 years (archive updated 2111 days ago).

If the required Fiart Mare sea trial is not directly available on this website you can request the Nautica Magazine backissue where we published the navigation test or a photocopy of the article in case of a sold out issue.

LOA (m)Brand new boats in the Yachting Catalogue
7,2223 1
7,2223 2
8,7627 1
8,7627 2
8,7627 3
8,7627 4
8,7627 5
8,7627 6
8,7628 Genius 1
8,7628 Genius 2
8,7628 Genius 3
8,7628 Genius 4
8,7628 Genius 5
8,7628 Genius 6
10,9033 Seawalker 1
10,9033 Seawalker 2
10,9033 Seawalker 3
10,8934 Genius 1
10,8934 Genius 2
11,8738 Genius 1
11,8738 Genius 2
12,6842 Genius
14,654seven Genius
13,864t4 Genius
15,4550 Genius
15,4550 Top Style Genius
17,90Epica 58

Navigation tests available on Fiart Mare models marked in bold

Fiart Mare boat rental and charter
You can browse our directory of yacht charter agencies to search Fiart Mare shipyard models in the archive of thousands boats for rent in Italy, in the Mediterranean and around the world (archive updated 2295 days ago).

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