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Nautica Editrice Srl
Via Tevere, 44
00186 Roma, Italy
phone +39-06-8413060
fax +39-06-8543653

Nautica On Line was born on October 14th, 1995, following the editor's will of improving communication with yachtsmen and of offering shipyards, builders, fittings importers and boating operators an unfailing and efficient traceability. Nautica On Line's initiative is rewarded by its success and boasts a growing number of visitors. The average daily impressions (how often a web page is opened and as a consequence the banner is seen) exceed 40.000 (30.000 source Google). The total monthly average of visitors to the website is over 1.200.000. Registered readers are more than 10.000. A shor chronicle of our main Internet products: February 1997 - Nautica Magazine (now NAUTICALweb) magazine in english for foreign readers. June 1999 - The weather section is enlarged with EuroMETEO and EuroWEATHER. October 1999 - Nautica OnLine homepage turns into a portal. June 2000 - SCUBAweb, site dedicated to underwater world. September 2000 (Sydney's XXVII Olympic Games) -, site dedicated to Olympic games statistics and information. October 2000 - Pagine Azzurre Online, the web version of our pilot book of italian waters. February 2001 - PESCAweb, site dedicated to the fishing world. April 2001 - EuroMETEO stars processing its own weather forecasts like Meteomar and Meteomed forecast. October 2002 - America's Cup Italian website, on the occasion of the start of the 31st America's Cup. February 2007 - EuroMETEO Mobile, an experimental version tailored to pda, smartphones, mobile phones or other similar handheld devices. October 2007 - Video Nautica, online free collection of navigation movies and videos of yachts, motorboats and sailboats.



client's name

It is the link to the client's website or brochure and it is inserted in all "entries" mentioned in Nautica On Line, SCUBAweb and PESCAweb. It entitles the client's name to be included in Nautica On Line, SCUBAweb or PESCAweb homepages with a random rotation in the entry "Our Advertisers", in the column relative to the covered market (e.g. a shipyard is entered in Boatshow) in the Brochure column. Moreover, the link appears in a random rotation at the top of all pages of our websites as "page sponsor" and always in rotation in highly visible pages such as the advanced search page. Finally, the link may be randomly used in case the AdServer does not have specific advertisers for clearly defined pages.
Price for one year EUR 500,00


File in .gif format, dimension 468x60 pixels (max 10k) - IAB full banner

It is the traditional advertising space appearing in all web pages offering ample visibility. It is sold at a flat-rate with week-long or month-long appearance. There is just one client (there is no rotation with other ads). Traffic report based on Log files.

Weekly planningImpressionsPrice
for one week
NAUTICAover 280.000EUR 1.650,00
EUROMETEOover 1.200.000EUR 2.000,00
NAUTICA + EUROMETEOover 1.480.000EUR 3.000,00
Monthly planning
(may be reduced to 15 days
with a 45% discount)
for one month
CHARTER Columnapprox 55.000EUR 650,00
SHOPPING Columnapprox 120.000EUR 1.200,00
METEOMAR Columnapprox 500.000EUR 2.000,00
NAUTICAover 1.200.000EUR 6.000,00
EUROMETEOover 5.000.000EUR 6.000,00
NAUTICA + EUROMETEOover 6.200.000EUR 10.000,00

Note: For the planning of a banner ad campaign we suggest the random rotation of different creative banners (three through six). In case the Charter, Meteomar and Shopping columns are already being planned, the advertising campaign may benefit of a 6% discount for each occupied column. In case, for special communication needs, the client wishes a fixed page in one of Nautica On Line columns he may use the dedicated spaces indicated below: the small banners.


Mini Banner File in .gif format
dimension 120x60 pixels (max 5k)
IAB button2

It is a fixed space linked to the client's site or brochure. It is used as a sponsoring space; it is fixed and it is to be placed in one of the pre-established positions. It is sold at different rates depending on its presence in: Homepage, Weather section (EuroMETEO), Column and Subject. The Small Banner has a month-long appearance.

Month-long appearancePositionPrice
for one month
HOMEPAGEtopEUR 2.000,00
HOMEPAGEbottomEUR 1.000,00
EUROMETEOhomepageEUR 2.000,00
EUROMETEOcolumnEUR 1.000,00
METEOMARsponsorshipEUR 2.000,00
SCUBAWEBhomepageEUR 700,00
SCUBAWEBcolumnEUR 300,00
PESCAWEBhomepageEUR 700,00
PESCAWEBcolumnEUR 300,00
PAGINE AZZURRErandom rotationEUR 1.000,00
PAGINE AZZURREbottomEUR 1.000,00

EuroMETEO sponsorship
According to how banner ad planning is made, minibanners on all EuroMETEO pages may be planned (place to the left of the banner-second). Weekly planning EUR 1.000,00 Monthly planning EUR 3.000,00 Two-month planning EUR 5.000,00


As usual, it is possible to study hosting projects of material published on our monthly issue, the first step to directly verifying the opportunities offered by Internet pending the realization of one's own website with domain projects. Projects and quotations will be worked out one at a time.