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February 2003

Article selected from our quarterly magazine dedicated to the largest and most luxurious boats with information, interviews, technical articles, images and yachting news



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Edited by
Fabio Petrone and
Angelo Colombo


The Mase Generators Company in Cesena offers a range of generators from 1 to 1,600 kW. From the marine sector range, identified by the initials IS, we have chosen and analysed the IS 66T model, dedicated to important boats, able to produce up to 66 kVA. This is a relatively compact generator, equipped with a thermal unit produced by Iveco, a 5,900 cc diesel engine able to supply 79 HP at 1,500 revs/min RPM. Mase Generators has produced a control panel for this model that includes all the selectors for the various functions of the generator plus warning ledslights; furthermore, the IS 66 has a protection circuit that intervenes if engine oil pressure drops, if there is an overload or short circuit or when the temperature increases considerably and dangerously for the apparatus. All the generators produced by Mase Generators have very low gas and noise emission, with reduced weight and size compared to their performances. All this has been obtained by the company drawing on their long experience gained in the various industrial sectors for which they produce generators, bringing together the technological characteristics developed in generators for boats. Mase Generators has recently acquired a new 3,000 sq.m. production unit, into which five new assembly lines have been installed, each one for a specific bracket of products. The company is present in the United States as Mase Generators of North America, with two premises, one in Michigan and the other in Florida and is also present in Spain with Mase Generators Iberica, which together with Mase deals in the distribution of marine generators. Each year the company produces about 10,000 generators for use in all those sectors where there is a need for electrical energy power not provided by the

For further information please contact Mase Generators; via Tortona 345; 47023 Cesena (FC); tel. 0547 354311; fax 0547 317555; e.mail; Website