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September 2003

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Article by
Angelo Colombo

The "Mirabella V" jib furlers

"Mirabella V" a 75 m sailing boat with an 85 m stay, is the biggest sloop in the world. Naturally, for a boat of this kind every detail must be fitting, not only for the aesthetic aspect, but above all for the technical requirements. In September 2001, A.R.T.E, an Italian company specialised in the production of technologically advanced accessories and owner of the Bramar brand, was chosen to manufacture the three jib furlers for the "Mirabella V". The research and development area of the company considered it appropriate to produce these deck elements in stainless steel and other stainless alloys, using the entire team of engineers in the search for materials, which would offer the suitable mechanical and resistance qualities for the work which would have to be carried out aboard the "Mirabella V", and in any case, certainly superior to the common standards of reference. The greatest of the three jib furlers will manage the handling of the Genoa, which will have a tack of 2,80 metres on the bridge. In manufacturing this jib furler the company has also developed a number of solutions able to ensure the right resistance, to deal with a considerable containment of weights, obtained with the use of alloys and innovative knots.

Other innovative ideas are, for example, the aluminium profile on which the sail is wound, characterised by an innovative design, thanks to which the torsion loads do not damage the screws that anchor the profile joints. Another innovative element of the Bamar jib furlers is the high load revolving head, result of innovative design, technology and plan, to offer easy movement also when submitted to extreme workloads. To avoid disassembly of the stay and the jib furler to inspect the internal spheres of the swivel, this has been manufactured with a structure, which can be opened and easily inspected at any time. For the Italian company to have manufactured a deck accessory like the jib furler for the "Mirabella V" is certainly a reason to be proud- there are not many companies in the world able to produce similarcoilers, but above all it was A.R.T.E. that was chosen for this important project.

For further information on Bamar accessories please contact A.R.T.E. - via Talete 2/A int. 3; 47100 Forlì; tel. +39 0543 798670; fax +39 0543 798670; web site; e mail