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September 2003

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Article by
Fabio Petrone


Synthesised in the 60s by researchers of DuPont de Nemours, in France, Corian(r) is a mix of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymers with the characteristics of high resistance, hardness, performability and pleasant to touch. These are characteristics able to capture the attention of numerous architects and interior designers, who, ever more frequently use it also on boats. Here, generally, we have seen Corian(r) used in galleys, and bathrooms, in the resting surfaces, sinks or work tops, but its use is extending to other furnishing details above all for its high level of thermoformability. These, in fact, allow designers a great freedom of expression, for the homogeneity in all the width, for the compactness of the surfaces, which guarantee a superior aesthetic return, and not least, for the resistance which enriches the lightness of the design with tangible solidity. DuPont Corian(r), available in more than 100 colours, is a material able to make the most of, with its technical and aesthetic features, the new concepts of furniture, ever more frequently characterised by a convergence between industrial standards and the strictly artisan added value, because it has the qualities of noble material and the practical advantage of a synthetic product. There are three types of finishes for worktops: opaque, shiny and semi-shiny while all the sinks in Corian(r) have only the opaque finish.

Soapy water or a common ammonia based detergent is sufficient to remove the majority of the dirt and spots on any finish. Grazes and cuts, which can inevitably arise in any product, which is used intensely, Corian(r) included, thanks to its compact quality, are simple enough to repair with a minimum amount of D-I-Y equipment and only in the case of more serious damage is it necessary to ask assistance from a professional, who can restore the worktop directly on board, bringing it back to its original beauty.

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