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May 2004

Article selected from our quarterly magazine dedicated to the largest and most luxurious boats with information, interviews, technical articles, images and yachting news



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Article by
Angelo Colombo


The Lazio coast, Gaeta (LT) to be exact, is home to numerous boatyards that over the years have gained international fame. Among these we find the Cantieri Navali Di Donna, in business since 1960, since the master axe wielder Pasquale Di Donna decided to found his own company, after his youth spent in the local boatyards of the time. Today the yard is still run by Maestro Pasquale, who count on the valuable collaboration of his sons, who have been on the receiving end of his experience, managing to hold onto a precious and increasingly rare tradition. Continual updating on materials and modern hulls for all those who work in the boatyard means that the company can tackle any kind of work, from ordinary maintenance to complete refits through important work on hulls, propulsion systems and installations.

The Cantieri Navali Di Donna covers 5,000 sq./m on which there are two launching ramps for boats and ships up to 1,200 tonnes. In addition the ramps are equipped with reversible tracks for adaptation to any kind of bottom and one of them has a 400-tonne capacity structure for lifting, for special work on hull bottoms. The yard is organised around these two ramps and makes use of modern apparatus able to meet any requirements. During the course of its history, the yard in the Pontino area has renovated hundreds of crafts, some of which are today considered valuable vintage boats. These goals have been achieved by the yard thanks to the skill of its workers, in particular those responsible for wood-working. Over the years the Cantieri Navali Di Donna have created numerous boats for the most demanding of clients and other working boats, such as fishing boats, goods vessels and other special professional boats. Through constant updating, those working in the yard are today able to work on boats made from any kind of material, be it steel, wood or fibreglass. Thanks to the quality of the work carried out during its history, the boatyard has built up a relationship of trust with the Customs and Excise Offices, offering complete assistance to their whole fleet, in particular for the Lazio and Campania regions. The company has a technical office for the design and development of any kind of yacht, both sailing or motor, for the mechanical, electrical, electronic systems, for fitting out or for any other requirements. Cantieri Navali Di Donna also offers berths and mooring assistance, as well as an office for all the administrative requisites connected with owning and managing a yacht.

For further information and for more details about the numerous activities carried out by the yard please contact Cantieri Navali Di Donna; Lungomare Caboto 31; 04024 Gaeta (LT) Italy; tel. +39 0771 470843; fax +39 0771 460768; e mail; website