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May 2004

Article selected from our quarterly magazine dedicated to the largest and most luxurious boats with information, interviews, technical articles, images and yachting news



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Article by
Daniele Carnevali


Arredamenti Porto is situated in the Genova Old Port area. It is a company founded in 1987 which through the years consolidated its name for work on board super-yachts, both in Italy and abroad. Arredamenti Porto, as its name implies, mainly deals in boat furnishing, but due to an increase in requests by yacht owners and with the development of new work techniques and know-how, this Genoese company has organised itself to offer any kind of boatyard services such as repairs, careening, maintenance, refitting, painting and metallic carpentry.

The quality and efficiency of Arredmenti Porto has made them famous worldwide and owners from all over the globe land at the Molo Vecchio safe in the knowledge that they are leaving their yacht in reliable hands. "Baboon", a splendid, over 60 metre, three mast yacht built in Sweden was brought to Genoa specially for refitting, as was "Istranka" a M/Y launched in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1952. As mentioned above, the quality of the work carried out by the company has earned them international fame, as for example in the case of the owner of "Santa Cruz Tres", who requested that Arredamenti Porto staff be transferred to a French boatyard to carry out refitting, renovation work on the decks and rails in teak and the installation of a new air conditioning system.

Even some of the most prestigious Italian boatyards commission Arredamenti Port with the interiors for their yachts. From 1994 to date, the company has collaborated with Perini Navi on the interiors of "Thetis", "Phyrne", "Legacy", "Salperton", "Atmosphere" and other super-yachts, while the company has worked on the interior furnishings of "Rominta" and "Benedetta"for the Baglietto yard. Mention must go to a few of the many jobs carried out by Arredamenti Porto on pleasure boats, especially on the 63 metre M/Y "Shahnaz", which had its bridge deck extended to create a new area for guests while works in the stern for crew quarters were also done. The figures say it all: before this work was carried out "Shahnaz" had an on-board capacity of 40 people, now it can easily play host to more than sixty. Even some large companies like Costa Lines, Lloyd Sardegna, Tirrenia, Linea Messina and Explorer Sh. CO-USA contract out work to Arredamenti Porto for their passenger ships.

Research and development of new super lightweight materials has meant that this Genoese company is able to completely refit ferries and fast yachts to HSC- Unitas 1995 standards. Thanks to know-how gained in the sector of boat furnishings, this Genoa based company has developed new panels using an aluminium honeycomb structure, directly taken from aeronautics, covered by fine wooden strips. These panels are characterised by their extreme lightweight in proportion to their size, compared with those in solid wood. In this sector the interiors of the "Guizzo"made by Cantieri Navali Rodriguez are especially prestigious; this is the first European built ferry able to carry four hundred passengers and one hundred and fifty cars at a speed of 40 knots.

For further information: Arredamenti Porto; Punta Molo Vecchio; 16128 Genova (Italia); tel. +39 010 2770410; fax +39 010 2461103; website; e mail