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May 2005

Article selected from our quarterly magazine dedicated to the largest and most luxurious boats with information, interviews, technical articles, images and yachting news



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Article by
Franca Urbani


François Zuretti, interior designer of "More" and "Tradition" introduces briefly two yachts and tell us something about the leading idea for.

It was not easy at all to meet Françoise Zuretti and, when I could finally speak with him, he won me right away with his fashionable kindness and ease of opening his professional book to me while communicating the magic of his wonderful work. I have so tried to let him speak free for not damping his enthusiasm.


Mr. Zuretti, you are one of the most famous designers in the world indeed. How do you usually organize your work?

Well, my studio is in Nice. Also when I work out all is perfectly organized. I always draw down free - hand, 1:20 scale drawings. This is my creating moment that I mustn't delegate to someone else at all; also a computer can't assist me in this phase too. Obviously I've the lines plan and.I must design interior layout. If I compare designs with works of art, I'll easy say the hull design looks more like sculptures while interior design looks like paintings, which I love above all. Obviously some boys do usually all drawings required to realize interiors by computer and a girlfriend of mine, a painter, gives me the rendering.

How did you begin to?

Well, I actually didn't begin working designing yachts, but as young scene - painter at an important American TV programme. The King of Morocco liked this so much that he called me on to work by him, and I've worked there for a long time indeed. Designing yachts has casually come, but then.

Do you have a yacht?

No, I sometimes sail, mostly in summer, with my son and a friend of mine; otherwise I go on holiday making relax journeys.

What do you think about art on board? Following the current styling trend, paintings, sculptures and precious fabrics . are more and more used on board today, or are they only sporadic events?

Yes, I think so: art should enter more and more yachts in the future. The fact itself that I actually give careful attention in creating long wood shelves, niches, and spaces covered by leather in effort to give them look and feel of freedom and let any possible owner wake even more up to the opportunity of having paintings and statues, suitable - lighted indeed, on board. It's about culture, all the beautiful objects we find onboard "More" and "Tradition" we'll sure find onboard many other yachts in the future; it'll unpleasant indeed if ordinary things are fitted onboard a fine - build, great - finished yacht.

Do you see whichever problem in preserving works of art on board?

No. I see a propitious ambient indeed, the temperature, the crew always on board, the option of providing panels for the works of art on board, of looking for suitable lighting solutions in a short time there's going to be specialized engineers for; an owner want to welcome his guests on board and share areas and objects with them, as at home. All this should lead the majority of owners, not the today's minority of them, to turn to experts which can give them any suitable suggestion in buying works of art. The architect Terry Disdale sales yachts already enriched with paintings, really!

How would you enrich your own yacht?

Well, I'd like to do it with paintings. I love paintings and I wish each owner finds suitable paintings for.

What does art actually mean?

Well, art means actually emotions. Paintings should be bought not only because they are worth a lot or designer, but above all because they can give owners unforgettable emotions.

Do you know owners who actually love art? Did a floating gallery come from?

Well, I remember a Mexican owner that's made his boat a pre - Columbian arts museum or a madam who asked me to find her suitable paintings, but then she chose them herself, all Picassos on board! Another owner has hung Mark Rotckos onboard his yacht. Still bit confusion is by!

What would be possible to do against?

Well, by integrating the working team with a skilled expert who can feature either different solutions and typologies of styles of art or a wise mixture of them (antique art, contemporary art, ethnic art, experimental art and so on). The different solutions chosen may be showed to owner and architects by digital means on basis of the final drawings.

What can drive a art-lover in buying works of art?

Indeed, his own sense of taste! Owners having a good sense of taste can choose them themselves following their own instinct; otherwise owners having a not so good one need suggestions of skilled experts.


The client was actually a couple who liked the house design architecture of ?60s and ?70s, namely designs of the architects Vico Magistretti and Carlo Scarpa. The designer was asked for following this guide - idea without falling in Minimalism. I'd understood that the couple wanted actually to extend the pleasure given them by the culture peculiarities of this period to interior onboard their own yacht. From this on we've chosen suitable lighting solutions for, simple silk fabrics providing for living on board leaving ashore any symbols of richness. Moreover, the owners wanted to charter the yacht when they didn't use her, so the choice of "evergreen" leathers, of warm parquets that could be easy polished.

"More" is a custom - yacht design driven by owner requirements and onboard life - style. The works of art aboard "More" have been chosen according to the idea just explained above".

Entering the living area there are three small precious landscapes close to a wonderful oriental - styled head, and two mirror - image woman sculptures: one of them with realistic features, the other one cubistic - styled, both standing on a shelf running along huge glass windows. A wide contemporary - styled wall hanging in ecru cotton by a contemporary artist hangs right behind the dining table recalling the leit - motif of the table - cloth. In the access area on the main deck there is a wonderful bow - shaped Arnaldo Pomodoro made on purpose for "More". In the owner's stateroom we find a pure North - American styled portrait, while on both sides of the double there are two small boards representing landscapes, which reveal two typical erotic Tantra paintings when slid up. On a commode a beautiful bronze woman head leans on its thin arms. The access area on the lower deck features two embraced figures by Arnaldo Pomodoro making a mirror - image by means of a mirror hanging in the niche. In guest cabins we find solutions better according to chartering, like the rectangular décors of the head of the twin showing two naked laying bodies with floral elements. The square painted panels are slightly spaced from each other. For further information please contact: Velonà Yachting; web site:


The basis for "Tradition" has resulted from an exact design concept, we wanted to build a classic yacht representing the union of great Benettis and smaller boats in effort to lead the owner of a small boat to take the plunge and buy a bigger one. The classic version of "Tradition" is a bit more carefully detailed in boiserie, and also bathrooms, fully enriched with marble, seem they're waiting for housing a statue. "Tradition" looks actually like the Faberge's egg with her wonderful volume design allowing for classic customizing interiors by using, for example, different kinds of wood. The version in the picture is in mahogany, but we'd also offered coverings in pear, light walnut, black brier lined either in silver or in gold as well as the possibility to suite to interior fabrics, handles, etc. Technical fittings and equipments remain the same throughout the different versions.

The works of art on board are actually still, discreet guests giving the whole restful look and feel.

Entering the saloon right behind the sofas to port there is a sculpture by Arman, a splendid red violin lying inside a Plexiglas theca while nearby there is "the body", a white marble classic sculpture by an Argentine sculptress. In front of it "the swimmer"; a sculpture by Gianna Bellini created on purpose for the yacht, in satin brass whose colour recalls that of entire interior. In the living area there is a beautiful painting by Saccarotti, representing with bright colours a see depth. This painter was born in Rome at the end of the nineteenth century and spent a lot of time in Liguria, painting. In the owner's stateroom a painting by F. Henry, hangs right behind the double, while on wood shelves we find a couple of dancers by Lalique and a bronze boy head. In a cabin on the lower deck there is a work of art by the famous artist Andy Warhol, the leading figure of the pop - art and another satin bronze sculpture by the American artist Ron Swenson representing an odalisque. For further information please contact: Mrs. Monica Foglia; e-mail: