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Sep 2005

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Interview by
Franca Urbani

Jorge Abro, an argentinean painter, exhibits aboard "Dionea", a 52 m M/Y



What at a glance amazes of Jorge Abro is above all his sympathy and it is very pleasant to me to talk with him; it seems he is talking about another people, so as defenceless and disenchanted as he is.

Where were you born and how did you first approach painting?

I was born in 1953 in Buenos Aires. My father was a major, but his passion for painting was so great that he did it as a hobby. My aunt was sculptress and from my childhood on I have always felt an artistic atmosphere in my family. After some collective exhibitions as a boy, I left my first love and during a period of my life I worked as a model and as a telenovelas actor. Although I lived by this, I felt anxious, insecure and not fulfilled at all: I whished to come back to my roots since both my grandparents were Italian from Genoa and Novi Ligure. So in 1985 I left Argentina and after short time in Spain, where I started again painting and exhibiting in collective shows, I came to Genoa where I still live now.

By what did you live in those days?

I love very much sea and above all swimming; and by chance I have worked as a swimming instructor at "Champagnat", the Genoa sports centre run by priests (it's one of the most great and modern centres in Europe) that's very famous for its wonderful stainless steel swimming pools. In those times I got on painting too; since the "Champagnat" is in Albaro, one of the most exclusive quarter of Genoa, I began to sell my paintings and had been fairly successful in that environment. My first exhibition took place right at C.S. "Champagnat", where I showed 40 works. I also have exhibited my paintings at the "Circolo Ufficiali" in Genoa and at "Forte Sperone" during the "Luci sui Forti" Festival. Moreover, I usually exhibit at "Il tritone" gallery in Camogli. I love painting portraits too; among them I remember above all those of Baroness Giovanna Rossi Leto, Count Giampaolo Vincenti Mattioli, Federica Torti and Giovanna Burlando.

How did you know Captain Schiaffino?

First I know him right at the Champagnat Centre. Then we met again at an exhibition of mine in Camogli where we decided to exhibit some paintings aboard "Dionea".

Which emotions have inspired your paintings?

A first series of paintings features Argentinean tango figures that I have recently revalued, although I can't dance the tango at all, because as a boy I thought it was a dance for old people. My father was a very good tango dancer and a cousin of mine is a very good tango singer. The main colours of the tango are black and red; faces, woman and man bodies, their moving while dancing are marked by heart emotions. Moreover, there are paintings of women moving in the water, dives and fishes inspired by Giovanna Burlando, who has been my muse by her moving underwater: she has been crowded champion of Italy and was bronze medallist in the synchronized swimming at Olympic Games.

Now Jorge put me through to the Captain Giovanni Schiaffino.

Good morning Captain Schiaffino, I would ask you how and why have you the idea of exhibiting Jorge Abro paintings on board "Dionea"

Well, talking with Jorge Abro, I knew with he painted and, after having seen his paintings, I thought about the possible union of "Dionea" and art. It seemed to me natural to think of paintings put in on board with their sea depths and colours. I imaged the minimalist style of "Dionea", her classic decks enriched with Jorge's works and so the exhibition took place at the "Marina Molo Vecchio" in Genoa.

Do you think it's yet possible to go on exhibiting aboard "Dionea"?

Of course, I think in future we can repeat exhibitions on board, perhaps of other works of art such as, for instance, sculptures or precious objects.