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Sep 2005

Article selected from our quarterly magazine dedicated to the largest and most luxurious boats with information, interviews, technical articles, images and yachting news



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Article by
Franca Urbani




"Annaliesse", 85 metres in length, is a so giant yacht that she looks like a mixture of superyacht and cruising ship. On board Marina, the hospitality manageress welcomes us warmly and takes us right where we are very curious to get in: the famous beauty farm. We can reach it by a lift; on board there is a good lift too. Right at the entry there is a small reception area where three Oriental girls welcome us smiling. Going on we enter the main hall featuring a huge central Jacuzzi and six chaisse longue around it. At walls, apart from two beautiful - painted woman's portraits on both sides of the entry, there are six floor - to - ceiling lighted glass panels, which change colour through red, yellow, sky - blue, green, lilac tones.

In this area the relaxing training starts; chromo therapy is available too. In the saloon it is possible to adjust lighting intensity: normal, conversation, relax. At the end of it, right in front of the entry, there is a floor - to - ceiling glass wall featuring a giant aquarium containing a very rare variety of red fishes with paunch, chosen because they can good stand the seasickness. This would seem to us a paradox indeed: fishes usually suffer from it when on board! Going on we pass through two crystal doors into the full relaxing area. Here it is possible to listen to low music, lying on four chaisse longue and, thanks to a special kind of glass, to watch what happens in the main saloon without being seen. Moreover, watching fishes' sinuous moving in the aquarium is relaxing indeed: this effect has been already learnt from an American research, on the basis of which a lot of dentist's surgeries have fitted aquariums in attempt to relax their own patients. The main saloon opens to two separate women's and men's areas, each with private sauna, Turkish Bath, dressing room and a Jacuzzi providing cold water and a large choice of white and pink bath - towels.

Behind the full relaxing area a corridor leads to a small hall made for integrated treatments to face and body, to a gymnasium and to a children's play room, where mothers can quietly leave their children to an hostess during this various, different beauty treatments including hair styling and make up. The products used for consist of a sea substance, called with a Greek name: Thalion. This farm can offer a complete choice of massages suiting to all needs. In the gymnasium provided with all fittings there is a computer that can set a lot of personalized programmes including "pilates".