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Sep 2005

Article selected from our quarterly magazine dedicated to the largest and most luxurious boats with information, interviews, technical articles, images and yachting news



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A united interview by Andrea Bergamini to dott. Mario Lucioni, Chief Executive Officer of the "Porto Turistico Camillo Luglio" (Enterprise Owner Company) and to dott. Giuseppe Pappalardo, General Manager of the "Aurora Costruzioni S.r.l." (Work Realization and Management Company)


With which kind of tools are you letting owners know in Genoa a marina for superyachts is just coming into the world in a so strategically right position for cruising in the Mediterranean Sea?

Well, we have first started an advertising campaign not only in Italy but also in European countries taking part in the most important boat - shows as well as taking advantage of the resonance box resulting from some of the most international, important magazines. Moreover we are just setting up a sales network together with some of the most important European operators in broker and charter segments. We are going to refer to important companies featuring a high - quality customers and specialized in yachts over 30/35 metres in length. Such yachts belong to a heavy increasing market in Europe to which we want to give the suiting answer as Italian operators. Essentially we aim at bringing the great yachting back in Italy.

We have always been a country of great traditions in building mega - yachts; from Italian shipyards the most beautiful yachts of the last years came out. In our country, particularly in Genoa, there is a very great, world widely appreciated ability on realizing, finishing, repairing and maintaining yachts. What's actually lacking is a welcoming segment properly made for such yachts that nowadays, for example, induces mega - yachts to berth in always full harbours of the C“te d'Azur whose offers have economically unbalanced all marketing laws. Indeed, owners pass Italy by not because there aren't well - working repairing services but cause of a lack of welcoming structures. What actually make the difference are as few and qualified exceptions as Marina Porto Antico, right in the Port of Genoa, is. This Marina works very well but it can't meet this market range demand for.

It's to remember, nowadays, just in North shipyards more than 100 yachts over 45 metres are under construction the 40/50% of them, which are going to be ultimate in the next two years, can't find an adequate berthing.

We have put ourselves in the strategic viewpoint towards bringing the great yachting back in Italy in effort to give at last the suiting answer to the chronicle needs for such berths.

Which are actually the potentialities of the "Marina Genova Aeropòrto" in term of' leisure crafts' mooring?

This Marina exclusively made for super yachts from 30 up to 70 metres in length is going to feature mooring for 70 units. This let us satisfy an increasing market demand for.

The "Marina Genova Aeropòrto" will be one of the few Italian sites able to berth them.

From purely tourism point of view what do you actually think about the "Marina Genova Aeropòrto" logistic?

Well, the answer to is very easy, indeed: we are right at the exit of the motorway Genova - Aeropòrto at ten minutes from Genoa city: it is a great European town important above all for culture and traditions. Apart from being a town of art, Genoa features a giant tourism potentialities. Talking about specific superyacht crews' needs, we can say it could very easy for crews to get on to the network of local suppliers working to meet all their needs.

Still concerning logistic, what kind of facilities and services have you conceived for superyachts' owners?

Leisure ships' owners can't put up with loosing time in useless shore moving. Taking advantage of the close airport, we are just studying the possibility of managing together with the Airport Authority a private gate made for our own customers with a private customs gat. If we are let to go on with this idea, our VIP customers can get on from plane to yacht in a few minutes.

Which advantages is Genoa going to take from the new "Marina Genova Aeropòrto"?

When the superyacht dock will work at steady state we are going to have 70 leisure ships in it. Let you imagine which advantages the local induced activity will take from, resulting in a synergy able to diffuse richness among all, who will work in this business field.

Talking about chartering, booming activities today, which are your offers for improving the development of companies that will operate in this segment inside the "Marina Genova Aeropòrto"?

In comparison with others harbours often very faraway from airports, its strategic location makes easier and more convenient leaving Genoa and reaching the most beautiful places at the Mediterranean Sea. We have already got on to important European charter agencies whose guidance could results in opening a nautical base by us.

Are you going to feature services considerable enough for making possible welcoming them and letting them staying inside the Marina?

Well, we will offer 4 or 5 high - quality restaurants, the most important of which will be inside the dock housing mega yachts, featuring a wonderful terrace with view of quays. The restaurant will be available not only to marina's customers but also to all whishing to look out over the spectacular superyachts. It is to notice, 70 yachts between 30 and 70 metres in length will be moored in these waters.

There's going to be plenty of room for some important dealers that will open their sale points inside the marina. We mainly aim at making this harbour able to live all year; so all small realities necessary for developing this marina potentialities starting from board electronics sale and repair activities up to the sale of nautical accessories and findings will be inside the harbour.

We want to enable "Marina Genova" to become a destination site for all sea lovers, namely a place where also yachting enthusiasts not yet owning a yacht but wishing to have one can come in and enjoy this marina. This is going to be not only a reference point for owner having his own yacht moored here but also an harbour for a number of users as large as possible.