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Winter 2006

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Article by
Stefania Moneda


A carpet is an important element in setting up and customizing spaces. It recalls old values close joined to material quality, hand - made manufacturing and dyes, as well.

Before speaking about the features of Kalin's proposals, we would underline the interesting meeting had with the owner, Mr. Giancarlo Zanessi who together with his wife Carola Camerini has actually been handling the Ali Baba's world since four years.

Thinking about how Oriental carpets are woven, we recall an easy hand - made work, made by knots, looms, plots and warps, of ancient people who have passed skills on from generation to generation without let something or someone to tempt them to work mechanically. Just this value joined to human warmth and imperfections revealing the worth of masterly hand-made works are greatly sought. This is the philosophy leading to Kalin's proposals that reverse the actual trend of machine - manufacturing.

Let's gain insight in this quite ancient reality inspired by a noble tradition characterizing Kalin's carpet manufacturing. The trade structure was born just as Mr. Zanessi decided to realize a twenty-year long dream in the fields of antiques and Oriental carpets. The countries of origin are Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, areas with a great carpet weaving tradition. The natural raw materials are wool, silk, hemp, jute and coir.

Let's look through the top - quality woollen carpet manufacturing process phases now: weaving a carpet means the raw materials undergo 11 manufacturing stages: the first one is carding and hackling the wool, then spinning and dyeing the fabric exclusively with vegetal pigments. The next step is washing and sun - drying it: in this phase colours fix to the fibre making it more strength. Thereafter motifs are realized on a full - sized loom, the best - known instrument we recall when we look back to carpet manufacturing; on it, this décor object with his thick labyrinth of knots, plot and warp takes shape. After being weaving the carpet is "mistreated" by being immersed in water in order to fix the motif to the fabric in a natural way. Then the carpet is rolled up and sun - dried.

The next step is the so - called stretching stage achieved by laying the treated carpets on the roofs: the fibres stretch. This last, important phase allows the carpet to become flat. From then on it is ready to be labelled and sent off.

We think it was useful to look through briefly all manufacturing processes of this woven fabric in order to shows clearly the top - quality features of the Kalin's Line, of a line of products, carpets, that offers different design characteristics. Beside the Traditional reproducing old Tibetan motifs are the Floral recognizable by colours and tender forms inspired by the nature, the Contemporary with sharp lines and tones up to Ethnics characterized by slight symbols.

Of particular interest is the new Boat Line, expressly conceived for decoring either yachts or seaside areas. It is also about custom - products suiting in forms and colours all requirements, greatly appreciable for design, size and tones. So, there is nothing else for you but to choose one in the great range of motifs listed in Kalin's Collections or propose a custom - motif with designers for support.

By Kalin the carpet carries out his mission of being a precious object greatly responsible of covering important areas while trying to give them a touch of originality, colour, and decor. Both natural raw materials, the pure wool, and work proceedings let the feet, one of the most sensitive body's parts often bare on board, pleasantly, tenderly contact it, while gratifying eyes. The natural colours and the hand - made production make each carpet be a unique.

Unlike machine - made objects, a hand - knotted carpet increases in value during the time, quite integrating in the old history, perhaps telling a bit of it. Moreover, the treatment with water and sun allows the carpet to resist against humidity and light.

In the event of an accident, Kalin offers to bring it to the original look either by damming it or restoring colours, so providing quite a sort of post-sale customer service.

The Boat Line offers custom - design featuring also marks or unusual motifs.

In short, carpets by Kalin appeal seamen with their style, good taste and class, while offering a new philosophy of luxury nautical décor.

For further information please contact: Kalin; I - 37126 Verona, Via Missori, 18; phone: +39 (0)45 8349218; fax: +39 (0)45 8306270; web - site:; e-mail: