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Winter 2006

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Built in St. Augustine in the state of Florida, this 92' from Moloka'I Strait Marine stems from an inspiration that came to Geoffrey White, company president, while observing a fishing boat built in Romsdahl, Norway. It was a steel craft with a cruiser style and all the technical characteristics and design ideals needed to cope with the rough North Sea. Observing this craft, that potentially represented a mix between a fishing boat and a boat capable of crossing the ocean, Geoffrey White thought up his Moloka'I Strait crafts, yachts made of steel that followed a precise design criteria. As with the whole range, the 92' hull is also made of A36§ steel - 316L stainless steel where possible - material that is just as good as light alloy but less expensive to work with, and with a 6061-T6 and 5083 H-32 light alloy superstructure. In order to guarantee the solidity of the structure and quality of the finished product, the steel is examined by an expert at NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) and washed with CHLOR*RID, a solution that guarantees maximum rust resistance. The hull is glued to the superstructure by Detacouple, using explosion plated sheets covered on one side with aluminium and on the other with steel. For painting a special mix of US Paint Awlgrip is used. The boatyard relied on Erin Spolberg for the design and planning and on Elliot Bay who handled the computer aided analysis of the hull and cabins. The criteria followed at planning stage focused on the search for suitable means for comfortable sailing over long periods of time and therefore with enough displacement to ensure the right sea- keeping capability as well as a hull capable of reducing rolling and a bow fitted with Nabla bulb for pitch dumping and allowing for drag reduction. As far as the use of the Nabla bulb is concerned, the boatyard developed models of the yacht both with and without the bulb, and carried out several towing tank tests at the Dept. of Oceanic Assistance, St. John in Canada to verify just how effective this appendage was. The results show that with the Nabla bulb, the hull needs less power from the engines to go forward with a considerable reduction in fuel consumption, guaranteeing better sailing stability. Stability supported, in any case, by the rounded hull and correct positioning of the stabilisers. A great deal is also due to certain construction solutions such as the double bottom that, with integrated structural tanks, helps maintain the weight in the lowest position possible. Other technology applied to all Moloka'i models to make them safer when crossing the ocean is the dry drainage, a system also used on large commercial crafts, powered fishing boats and other crafts working on the ocean. Unlike the damp drainage used on tourist crafts, dry drainage considerably reduces maintenance costs. In fact, the water cooling based systems can break down as a result of blocked valves or taps, encrusted filter etc. Furthermore, the running of hot water in the system means the metal parts, heat exchangers and piping corrode. Getting back to the design, the final result is an "expedition-yacht", whose lines are highlighted by the bow configuration, fitted with high topside, mast, area for setting down the tender and the central deckhouse. The interior can be fully customised on request but in the version in question you will find five cabins for guests and the owner with a total of ten beds, and crew quarters that can house eight people including the captain.

For further information, please contact: Moloka'i Strait Marine; 444 Waggamon Circle; Annapolis; MD 21403; Phone 410 280 3196; fax 410 280 3197; web site; e mail

Length over all: 28.00 m
Maximum beam: 7.60 m
Displacement: 195,000 kg
Maximum declared speed: 13 knots
Declared cruising speed: 11.5 knots.