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Spring 2006

Article selected from our quarterly magazine dedicated to the largest and most luxurious boats with information, interviews, technical articles, images and yachting news



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Article by
Daniele Carnevali


In the field of clothing, what is "Made in Italy" is appreciated for the quality of its manufacture and the aesthetic elegance of its garments, which are able to set the fashion trend all over the world. Even Liapull has had a part in the Italian tradition; Liapull is a Genoese family business established in 1947 as a knitwear factory that with time has evolved to be competitive at an international level, in so much that it now can boast customers all over Europe, Asia and the United States. And what links Liapull to nautics? First of all tradition: as a matter of fact, what is "Made in Italy" has also set the trend in this area, and it still does; Italian shipbuilders have always been leaders in this field. Secondly, because Liapull have decided to use their know how in other fields, such as boat interior linens. Tartan rugs, blankets, pillowcases, all strictly manufactured in pure cashmere, like the knitwear they distribute all over the world. As a matter of fact, Liapull is specialized in treating cashmere, the noblest of wools, which is shorn from livestock in central Asia, where you can find the best qualities of cashmere. In these regions, goats have to live in hash temperatures, often below - 30°C and -40°C; therefore nature provided them with a rich, soft and smooth undercoat, or "duvet". Every spring, the duvet is shorn from the goats, with the help of special combs; it is then put through thorough procedures, to give it that softness which is typical of this knitting yarn. Thanks to the latest textile technologies, consisting in carefully selected industrial machinery, Liapull offers items whose quality can be compared to that of hand-knit garments. In order to satisfy the requests of every owner, Liapull is able to supply a wide range of customization possibilities. The 105 colours available in the Liapull catalogue represent a wide selection for owners to choose from; they will allow them to opt for countless colour combinations, or even add the name or the logo of their ship. Moreover, since ships can have beds of any sort of shape and size, the Genoese manufacturers offer custom-made items. Cashmere, with its appealing softness and the warmth of its fibres, is one of the noblest fabrics to be used to complete superyacht cabins, especially for those owners who appreciate its thermal properties.

For further information: Liapull; via Frà Vincenzo da Fiorenzuola 76; 16127 Genova; tel. 010-8681780; fax 010-8681429; website