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Summer 2006

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Article by
Angelo Colombo


Two top Companies, namely Navisystem and Radiomarine, with a history in finding new technological solutions for entertainment and management of two way data flows on board vessels, put forward a jointly developed system epitomizing their individual know how. The Sat 201 Multimedia, thanks to which, by simply using a key-board and monitor, it is possible to thoroughly check the aerial system intent on providing a service, such as satellite TV reception, internet connections, and management of the aerial's system technical resources. It is a form of evolved decoder which, in addition to its usual tasks such as decoding digital or satellite signals, is also capable of managing the very instrument which captures such signals on board, namely the aerial. All of this allows to have a simplified circuitry and above all the end user control of it. However for the system to be effective each single item making up the system must be able to coherently dialogue with the other. To best achieve this, it is essential that each component is developed in accordance to the layout of the whole apparatus following a common project even if produced in separate firms. This is precisely what the two Italian companies have done. They have identified the possibility of producing an integrated system such as the Sat 201 Multimedia, being careful that each side should develop the part of the system for which it could offer greater experience. In this respect, Radiomarine has already produced a number of innovative devices capable of optimizing and simplifying the data management flows which can either be sent or received by a moving vessel, and can therefore boast a degree of experience hard to match for others. Furthermore, stemming from a company such as Radiomarelli which has been present in the telecommunications and development of naval solutions' market for a long period of time, Radiomarine is sure to capitalize on their great experience. Navisystem, on the other hand, has filled a relevant role in the development of aerial systems dedicated to the reception and transmission of radio signals through satellites, therefore the meeting of the two companies would inevitably result in the creation of an efficient and above all simple, integrated system. Let us take a closer look. As previously mentioned, Sat 201 Multimedia is a box capable of managing both the Navisystem aerial and the software and hardware components produced by Radiomarine. It is effectively a motherboard fitted with a software which has been developed to bring together the functions of the two main items making up the system. On the one hand the management of the aerial's main functions including monitoring the signal received, on the other, Radiomarine's system software for onboard entertainment, namely Playtime and Communicator to quote an example. Playtime is in turn a decoder which guarantees TV, radio, video on demand, reception signals as well as controlling DVD player/recorders, MP3s, remote surveillance systems, internet and e-mail interfaces, as well as intranet and external communications including weather forecast services, video- conferences such as those used in Telemedicine. All this is made possible because Playmate has a 200 GB hard disk capable of memorizing data, films, music, documents, Meteosat images, e- mails and everything considered useful to keep, both for entertainment purposes and for cruising safety. Communicator, is the heart of the communications systems developed by Radiomarine, a simple instrument which allows access to a wide variety of information and services such as Meteosat, or Meteomed or Meteofax or Metar ( weather forecasting services) the latter through continuous connection to airport met. services. Communicator allows net connection through UMTS technology or in the absence of a suitable signal, through satellite, with the possibility of monitoring the satellite used and the option of choosing another. This allows the user to manage costs choosing the more convenient provider both from a technical and cost competitive point of view. Thanks to these systems, Radiomarine is able to offer an integrated platform of vital importance for voyage safety together with an innumerable amount of entertainment choice available today. To achieve all this it is fundamental that one may count on an aerial system that can fulfil the requirements without presenting any limit to the potential of the whole system; it is for this very reason that Radiomarine has recognized Navisystem as being the suitable partner for the development of an integrated system, choosing to collaborate with them on a common project which allows a reduction of otherwise necessary apparatus, in favour of an increase of functions possible in a much facilitated form.

For further information regarding the individual systems or the integrated platform, please contact : Radiomarelli, Web Site:, e-mail:, Tel: +39 06 050781147, Fax: +39 06 50799190, Navisystem, Zona Ind. Montramito, Via Fondacci 269, Massarosa (LU) - Italy, Tel: +39 (0) 584 425454, Fax: +39 (0) 584 434386, Web site:, e-mail: