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Autumn 2006

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Article by
Daniele Carnevali


The latest novelty in the electronic map GPS plotter world, comes from Lorenz Marine Electronics with its updated version of "World Map Pro Sun". The new version has been boosted with the most recent technological products such as a 12 parallel channel GPS WAAS/EGNOS aerial which ensures absolute accuracy in establishing the ship's position. A new software also allows for unprecedented possibilities, like attaching an AIS receiver to monitor and highlight other ships on the digital map that could cross one's course.

As has become standard practice for most naval electronic systems, World Map Pro Sun gives one the possibility to link up to other Lorenz instruments thus increasing their functions. One could for example connect the World Map Pro Sun to a SD Fish Pro to make it become a highly professional 1000 watt fish finder with a frequency range of 50-200khz and with an incorporated highly sensitive fish alarm. The consequence of interfacing these instruments is the resulting power, enough to enable one to see not only the smallest preys but also the smallest obstacles there may be below the hull. World Map Pro Sun may also, linking it to another kit, be used to receive detailed weather conditions such as the height of the waves, wind speed, wind direction, visibility, temperatures, humidity levels and so on. Moreover, linking it to L-Net's data transmission system, on yachts that for example have two steering sets, it can be interfaced with another Lorenz chart plotter visualising all the data but having to use only one digital map cartridge. The 10,4 inch colour screen is clearly visible in the sun too, thus making the reading of the C-Map X easy at all times. Lorenz, has come out with a VD model of the World Map Pro Sun which allows waterproof cameras to be attached to it and a pro "Colour" model, as well, which has a high resolution screen for indoor use.

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