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Autumn 2006

Article selected from our quarterly magazine dedicated to the largest and most luxurious boats with information, interviews, technical articles, images and yachting news



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Fabio Petrone interviews
Raoul Zunino, Evo Marine's owner



For further information: Evo Marine srl - Viale San Bartolomeo, 665/3 19100 La Spezia - Tel: +39 0187 500432 - Fax: +39 0187 563216 - mail:

The kaleidoscopic market with its custom and semi-custom made boats or indeed built in series, is capable of satisfying every boat owner's requirements. In the motor yacht displacing "fly" sector there is a lot to choose from too and Italy with its multiple shipyards, from artisan to industrial ones, offers a great variety of models to choose from. One of the yards to be found in this very competitive niche is Evo Marine which builds composite yachts leaving the interiors, though, as much as possible, to the boat owners' tastes. The uniqueness of the yard's constructions is that they are all, to all effects and purposes, built in series; waterlines, exteriors layout, piping, tanks and systems, alike. Everything from a structural and technical point of view as well as any other functional part of the boat is, in fact, standard. This factor makes production undoubtedly easier and quite rightly, allows for the distribution of weights on board in line with the original project thereby maximizing stability and safety. As said before, everything else, interior wise, is the clients' choice. Naturally, different types of solutions are suggested for the layout of each yacht.

Since his debut with "Deauville," a successful 22 metre, the founder of Evo Marine, Raoul Zunino is about to enter in the Super Yacht builders league by launching a larger 28 metre version, called "Biarritz".We met him at his yard near Fano which is a geographical landmark in international yachting.

In short how would you define your boats?

We offer a tailor made craftwork to suit the owners' requirements with the advantages of a boat built in series. Our yachts' design is an "instant classic" one, in no way extreme or fashionable, therefore, aimed to last in time. We're a shipyard which aims for luxury and consolidated quality and not much on innovation. All the technical solutions found for these yachts are conceived in pursuit of long-lasting quality instead of resorting to fancy hi-tech. To be perfectly clear, you will never find on our yachts the latest technical device simply because we'd rather leave others to experiment. We exclusively use top material and systems that have a consolidated technological record, in other words, of the kind that works.

How many yachts do you produce a year?

The amount including our new 28 metre is limited this year, since such a large yacht absorbs a lot of energy, we'll be building only three, otherwise, it would have been four but not more.

Well that's a success in any case

Undoubtedly four our size, the market has well accepted the concept of luxurious custom made yachts.

To what degree can your yachts be personalised?

Completely, realistically speaking in as much as we only suggest two types of fittings, the "full optional" which has really everything from electronic navigational equipment to the life raft including air conditioning and generators etc. We then have the "Précieux" model whereby in addition to the many standard options there aren't any limits to personalising the product and one can really choose every detail for the fittings. In the case of the "Deauville", that you can see here being fitted out for example, the back rest to the berth was given a special shape with a personalized covering making it all the more exclusive. Once the back rest was built in wood it was sent to Master Raphael, here in the yard, to have it finished in an embroidered cloth covering of the owner's choice and design. The same goes for the lighting, berth covers and so on. In another case, a client asked for a particular engraved mirror, his wish was also granted. As we are flexible on such details, we can naturally give our client a white slip on the remaining questions too at which point it no longer is a matter of choosing from this or that list of accessories, but simply of choosing "what you want". Yet another option given the client is that of choosing from two types of engines with less or more power to attain the category's maximum speeds if so inclined.

Who designs Evo Marine's yachts?

De Simoni, the architect, since we wanted the best, the choice fell on him to design the whole yacht from its waterline onwards.

Why did you choose an organization such as Dreaming's to commercialise your boats in Italy?

Because their structure and organisation is tops even if, in the end, I personally follow the client through the production process of his boat. We chose Dreaming for a precise reason and they take care of Evo Marine's sales in Italy and France while in Greece, "High Performance," who is also a very good reliable partner, looks after them as Inga Yachting does for us in Germany.

What are the pros and cons of this choice?

An in between dealer unquestionably erodes our profits but it is also true that it prevents us from having to face a lot of problems: exchanging used yachts for one. Another of no lesser importance is that a well established structure, which dealers have, is more suited to provide assistance than a small structure as ours.

How many yachts have you sold in Italy and how many abroad?

At the moment our clients are Italian but we intend opening other markets as proven by our agreements in Greece and Germany. We are discussing matters with dealers in the UK and Spain who have seen our yachts exhibited and have asked to become our representatives.

In general, the British sell a lot in Italy but I don't think that Italians buy a lot from England.

Interest springs from the possibility of personalising our interiors. If they prefer darker wood interiors as opposed to lighter ones, as is fashionable here, we'll provide them.

So, yachts may be personalised for any market?

For any market and any owner.

Where are the yachts produced?

The hulls are made according to our specifics and under our control by a famous contractor in the area who does the same for many other brands whereas carpentry work is done by Giuliano Onori's Seafor, which is part of the Dreaming Group. The assembling as all the rest of the work is done by us here at the yard.

What can you tell me about "Biarritz" that is coming out?

The project focuses on the owner's well being. She's a motor yacht with a precise family imprint that resembles the smaller "Deauville's." First and foremost for her shapes, which, derive from a technical alternative solution of ours. That is to say, that even if our boats have to be higher, we want them to be comfortable and easy to live in. As in Deauville's case, to have placed all of the main saloon on the same level, length wise, connected directly to an open air wardroom at the bows, meant giving the saloon an enormous dimension. The saloon will be about 15 metres long by 5.5 metres wide and divisible in two, thanks to a retractable glass pane. By opening it out, on the one side there'll be the saloon and dining area, on the other another saloon and staircase leading to the private quarters of the owner's master cabin. "Biarritz's" concept is designed to give the outmost enjoyment on being on it. The crew's quarters are for example well connected to the exterior and completely away from the rest of the sleeping areas. In a second version, according to the owner's choice, we've foreseen together with the usual four other cabins a fifth one which may be used as a health and beauty parlour or a study instead.

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