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Autumn 2006

Article selected from our quarterly magazine dedicated to the largest and most luxurious boats with information, interviews, technical articles, images and yachting news



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Article by
Fabio Petrone


A brand name doesn't always reflect the name of the shipyard that actually builds the yacht. As is known, a lot of boats are partially or entirely built by a different shipyard. This happens in the case of small boats as in the super yacht category. It must be stressed though, that this doesn't mean that the yacht is worth less, in as much as these lesser known shipyards are nautical realities to all effects and purposes which concentrate exclusively on boat building.

These yards are generally called contractors who usually work for different brands unless, of course, a single brand were to take up all of their production line. One of these shipyards which works and prospers keeping out of the limelight is Eurocraft Naval Constructions, founded in 1989 together with two other companies belonging to the same group. In the course of its history it has built its own boats but, above all, it has worked for Italian and foreign important brands and shipyards with success and credibility. The big change, however, occurred in 2000 when the three companies merged into one becoming a boat factory in real terms, called Eurocraft C.N. The expansion process reached its peak a few months ago, clearly looking at the super yacht category, with the inauguration of a 60,000 m3 warehouse designed to build custom made yachts in between 20 and 60 metres. This is why room was made big enough to host all of the production process with space for : a 55 by 20 metre hull centre with two 16 ton bridge cranes, a 55 by 35 by 20 metre area for fitting out the big yachts, a 5 metre deep water basin for static tests and an 11,000 square metre carpentry area.

In its interior, as proven by its recent varied and articulated production, yachts may be built according to the project in composite or in other materials with displacing hulls or not, with a classic or futuristic design and in short, yachts are really custom made. After the launching of an 18 and 28 metre hi-performance composite yacht, the shipyard in Vado Ligure is busy building a 30 metre "fly" in grp and a 37 metre open in alloy whose launching is scheduled for spring, in 2007. These will be followed by a 42 m. semi displacing light alloy yacht and by a 52 m. steel and light alloy motor yacht whose design is being completed by the yard's technical office. Eurocraft C.N.'s development programme foresees in the upcoming future, so as to offer refitting services too, an expansion of its waterway at sea to 20,000 sq. m, 5,500 of which will be covered and a slip area to lift yachts with a displacement of up to 1,000 tons out of the water.

For information: Eurocraft Cantieri Navali, via Aurelia 75/A - 17047 Vado Ligure (Savona) tel. +39 019 2160357 - fax +39 019 2165221