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Winter 2007

Article selected from our quarterly magazine dedicated to the largest and most luxurious boats with information, interviews, technical articles, images and yachting news



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Article by
Franca Urbani

Photographs by Martino Motti


An Interview with Mr. Andreas Lyveras on board the magical "Alysia"



When one speaks of Mr.Andreas Lyveras everybody smiles and says about him: "He's really special" and having met him I must admit that it's absolutely true. I saw him last year at the IYCM in Genoa whilst on board "Annaliesee" and this year he's back as announced with "Alysia" of some 85,3 m. One evening, I receive an invitation to a fancy dress party on board, the theme is Oriental. Personally, even though I come from Venice, I didn't take dressing up very seriously and wore a vaguely exotic looking long skirt. He did of course, Mr Lyveras always takes things seriously and he arrived dressed up as a middle-eastern business man complete with briefcase, dark glasses and a cigar. Then music and dancing unfolded with an extremely dynamic and numerous dance group made up of coloured dancers and lots of sexy maidens while a magnificent and highly generous Middle Eastern buffet was put on for everyone to enjoy. He, the mysterious Arab, was of course the life and soul of the party as always. When I asked if I could interview him, he accepted and here he is ready to answer my questions, simple and smiling, sitting between the people who care most about him, his daughter and Martina Rakus.

Mr Lyveras, last year I was most impressed with the beauty farm on board ""Annaliesse", which was a true surprise, have you repeated the trick also with "Alysia?"

Naturally. In fact SPAs are the epitome of the philosophy behind my charters which draw from years of experience in the business, and consequently, are the most expensive in the world. The new reality of things is that today charters have a younger clientele, I am talking about 25-30 year olds who come from the East and can afford every luxury and want just one thing: have fun and look after their body in the best possible way. My boats are ultra modern because these clients find old anything over a year, they don't like wood finishes and antiques but all the latest novelties.

Yes well as our predecessors used to say: "Mens sana in corpore sano". Does 'wellness' as a business offer great potential?

A SPA is the business of the future both on board and on land.

Are there changes to "Alysia" in comparison to "Annaliesse?"

The two are sister ships and are therefore the same, but we have changed a few things in the SPA: the cures on which we base our treatments are based on thalassotherapy, aroma therapy and cream therapy. Thai massages complete the picture. We have a new Jacuzzi with salt water and essence oils which continuously changes colour going through quite a number of different nuances: the end effect is that you think you're in the sea, a bright sea. You really get rid of stress there. Then we have Cleopatra's Tub, to bathe in seaweeds from Brittany which the locals collect moving along the beaches with carts. The treatment consists of submerging oneself in the water with one's body covered in seaweeds and bandaged to keep them tight to the skin, then the tub is closed up to the person's neck with an air tight membrane made of a soft rubber material which only keeps the head free: contact with the hot water and the nursing properties of the seaweeds, make you sweat to the extent of losing up to 70% of body toxins. I'll take you round later and you will be able to try all the treatments and judge for yourself!

You are quick in knowing what a stressed journalist really needs: care and relax.

That's the way it is for everybody these days. That's why SPA's go so strong, one needs to rebalance body and soul to face up to work loads and live well with oneself. Business people in particular, can never knock off work, so the beauty farm provides the answers and becomes indispensable to have on board. That's what yachts are in the end: business and pleasure areas. Thank you for your kindness, for the wonderful party last night and for the offer to try the SPA out. You have a fascinating personality and I am very intrigued by talking to you both as a woman and as a journalist. I remember last year "Annaliesse" was moored close to "Christine O", is Andreas Lyveras perhaps "close to" Aristotile Onassis?

I am also Greek, from Cyprus to be more exact, I have become the number one ship-owner in the leisure charter business in the world, and I am very much a self made man like Onassis I suppose. My son has followed my example by going into business 10 years ago and has already reached an enviable position with an estate of 130 million pounds worth of stock and a capital of 30,000,000 pounds. I am proud of him, because I feel that family ties constitute an important value.

"Talis pater talis filius", how did you educate him to do that?

I always reminded him of just two things. First:- There is nothing in the world that a man can do that you cannot learn to do.- Second:- If you want something you mustn't wait for it to come to you, but you have to get it yourself.- Quite easy don't you think?

You also have a very kind and likeable daughter, do you think the same goes for women?

No, not exactly. Not always. Women can become very tough in the business world once they manage to give up affections in life. Or perhaps when they are left on their own, for example because they lose their husband. That's when they can become unbeatable in business. I have a dear friend who is just like that!

What is your ideal boat?

Personally I like antique boats and I have owned quite a few like "Rosa Cavallier" and "Aida G". However these boats are for the heart and not for the business. Every body loves them but nobody wants them. That's why I had to build "Annaliesse" and "Alysia". The project belongs to the Greek designer Nikos Dafnias of Alpha Marine.

What role did you play in the design as a ship-owner?

As an owner I was very clear as to what I wanted from the boat and just three words are enough to get the idea: "big", "modern" and "new". "Alysia" is the most expensive charter boat out: 94.500.000 euros plus "all expenses" per day. It is something unique, it has a lighting system capable of reproducing the colours of the rainbow, so even if the sky goes dark outside, the SPA is right on board and the rainbow is ever present and every body is always happy: people who come on board for a week don't care what they spend but they certainly want to have a good time. The computerized lighting system is made up of French optical fibres and by German made Creston LEDs .

Where do you live? Your boats apart of course?

I live in England and in Montecarlo.

Do you miss Greece?

The hospitality or "philoxeny " as we say and the food of course.

Could you tell me two things you particularly enjoyed lately in Italy?

The Serenella shipyards in Venice and the 5 Terre in the region of Liguria.

What are your hobbies when you are not working?

To fly my personal plane Icarus with which I have just returned from the Caribs. I also enjoy taking the helm on my boats. The visit ends with a visit to the beauty farm and experiencing all those wonderful treatments which last for a whole afternoon, I felt completely re-borne and with no stress. Last but not least I get a kind invitation to a Greek lunch for the next day. The marvels of the Lyveras luxury charters are now tangibly clear to me: few words but a lot of hard facts if only you have the luck to try them out. Our meeting is now coming to an end. A clear, simple, strong and unique Mr Andreas Lyveras owner of the two sister ships "Annaliesse and "Alysia" hasn't forgotten the gift of his native land: hospitality and for this he is loved by all and of course he is not going to stop here: because two more 100 m units are on the way to complete the Lyveras charter fleet.