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Summer 2007

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Article by
Angelo Colombo







To play with Latin and English words starting from the title GAM, seen not only as a name but also as an acronym, was very tempting indeed. It's a linguistic game that allowed us to summarise in the best of manners the peculiarity of the "Gallerie d'Art Monègasque which is in the origin of the name GAM. What we do wish to underline, however, is the presence of precious Monegasque works in the halls of the Monegasque gallery, that have been coherently exhibited by artistic periods in history from 1907 to the late 1950s, just as if one were to follow a set course in a museum. On visiting the gallery one may admire the masterpieces of the most representative artists of modern art. Picasso with contributions that have earmarked various periods of his long artistic lifespan. Chagall with works that amply depict the Russian painter's oneric romanticism or masterworks by one of the leading fathers of Impressionism Monet, or yet again from Magritte with his surreal works of art, Sam Francis, Miro, Fontana, Delvaux, and to mention one more, Paul Klee. We'd like to remember the latter's famous assertion "art does not reproduce what is visible but makes visible what isn't," underlining his attitude to art which he interpreted as not representing reality but as a research capable of unfolding nature's deepest aspects. All these paintings may be admired at the Gallerie d'Art Monègasque situated inside the exhibition rooms of Monaco's Sport's Club as well as other galleries on the Avenue de la Cote in the Monegasque sovereignty. Naturally, there are many yacht owners that have such collector's items to adorn their yachts and have them above all to make their saloons a place to enjoy sensations that only art can stir up. Marco Fier, the owner of the two art galleries, loves modern art and is dedicated together with his collaborators to helping his visitors through the extraordinary course that the GAM galleries offer.

For further information please contact GAM: Ms. Cristina Grasso, Art Director, 7 Galerie du Sporting d'hiver, Place du Casinò, 98000 Monaco; tel. +377.93302959; e-mail